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Online Course Creation

London Bridge offers a variety of plans you can choose from for your online course creation.  We are also skilled and credentialed with the Thinkific platform, which all our clients use to host their online courses.  As robust as this platform is, we take care of all of the nuances, so you can focus on your award winning engaging online educational content!  When it comes to turning your idea into an online course, we offer the following:

  • Technical Project Management Approach (We review your needs, we design your vision, we do all systems integrations needed to make your online course a success, and we are there from beginning to launch).

  • Technical Writing (If you have written content, we can edit, format and prepare it to be e-course ready.  Or, we can also write material suitable for your online course needs).

  • Online Course Creation

  • Online Course Curriculum Building

  • Online Course Instructional Aides (PowerPoint Presentation Creation)

  • SEO

  • Flyers To Promote On Social Media or Email Marketing  

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